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Having a healthy and ideal body is certainly the dream for most people. For those people out there who feel they are to slim wanting to add muscle for that fuller look and on the other hand those people who just wish to increase muscle mass.

Below you will find a simple guide structured to help you achieve the body you desire and dream of having.

When it comes to building muscle, it’s easy to get frustrated. Between eating the right foods, doing the right exercises, and recovering properly in between sessions, it becomes extremely difficult to build the body you want. The search for more muscle often leads for you looking for shortcuts. Adding mass is a slow process. Consistency is rewarded with results whereas those looking for a quick fix often find themselves frustrated with their lack of progress

What Is Muscle Building?

Muscle Building is a body building program to help you increase muscle mass and weight by regulating diet, exercise, and supplementation . This program is suitable for those who want to gain weight in order not to look thin or want to increase muscle mass (muscle thicken).

To gain weight and muscle mass effectively, then there are four important aspects to consider, among others:

Step 1: Get Stronger on Basic Exercises

If your goal is to build muscle in record time, then you need to get stronger. Physiologically speaking, as a muscle gets stronger (produces more force), the cross sectional area grows larger (i.e., it hypertrophies). Your workout plan should include basic exercises that address all the muscles of the body, such as Squats, Shrugs, Deadlifts, Leg Presses, Chest Presses, Chin-Ups and Dips.

Step 2: Repetition Reproduction

The foundation of every successful workout plan is repetition. This is when the muscle comes in contact with resistance, causing it to grow in size and strength. Perform each repetition in a controlled fashion. Remember, each rep has two phases—the positive phase (lifting the weight) and the negative phase (lowering the weight)—and both are important. Focus on each, especially the lowering phase. Bouncing or jerky movements reduce muscular tension and therefore slow strength gains.

Step 3: Year-Long Progression

Muscles are amazing at adapting to the stress of exercise. Once you are able to complete an exercise with a given resistance for a certain number of repetitions, your body has adapted and you should increase the weight. However, too many young athletes overestimate the weight they can lift today and underestimate the weight they can lift a year from now. Small increases in weight can lead to big increases in size and strength if you are consistent.

Step 4: Focus on Sleep and Recovery

You do not get stronger and build muscle when you work out. The actual growth occurs while you are recovering between sessions. If your goal is to gain strength and build muscle fast, limit strength training to two to three times each week and make sure you are getting quality sleep every night. Numerous sleep studies suggest that lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep hampers the body’s ability to build muscle. Sleeping at least eight hours a night promotes protein synthesis and lean muscle gains.

Step 5: Eat Healthy Foods

The body needs fuel to build muscle. That fuel comes from food. Eat a variety of nutritious foods from all the food groups. Pay attention to lean cuts of protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. If your goal is to gain lean body weight, increase your food intake, but remember that you can’t force-feed growth, and you may start to store excess body fat. Eating discipline, , Eat regularly. Rather than having two or three large meals during the day—something we’ve grown up with—change your eating habits so that you are eating five or six smaller meals during the day. High protein, carbohydrate and fat all in moderation aims to increase calorie intake is important for weight gain and muscle mass.


Below is an example for setting the diet when you are running Muscle Building program.

Examples of diet:


  • 1 egg omelet or boiled egg
  • 1 cup oatmeal

Snack Morning

  • protein shake
  • 1 apple / pear


  • 150-250gram chicken breast / fish / beef
  • 100-150gram brown rice
  • 100gram vegetables

Afternoon Snack

  • 2 slices whole wheat bread / 1 cup oatmeal
  • Milk is high in calories and protein (weight gainer)

Before Exercise

  • 1 banana

After Exercise

  • protein shake (weight gainer)


  • 150gram chicken breast / fish / beef
  • 80gram brown rice
  • 100gram vegetables


  • The ideal foods are ones that contain unsaturated fats, complex carbohydrates and protein. Foods that contain unsaturated fats are food processing use olive or canola oil, avocado fruit and nuts, the kind of food that has properties of complex carbohydrates brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, wheat bread. Protein foods are chicken, fish, beef, egg whites, tofu.
  • Processing of meat should be cooked with boiled, baked, not fried or baked origin with cooking oil other than the oils mentioned above, using the fat-laden condiments or use sugar. Salt is allowed, but in very small quantities (salt diet is recommended).
  • The portion of the menu can be adjusted to your body size.
  • Time to consume the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for the exercise in the morning. The important thing is try to eat 5-6x a day in small portions, in order to increase your metabolism.


The amount of repetitions for the larger muscle groups (legs, back, chest, shoulder) is 9-12 and a core set of small muscles (stomach, arms, legs) is a core set 6-8.

Cardio exercises on this program a maximum 2x a week to maintain fitness and stabilize your fat levels.

Example of Pattern Exercise



  1. Flat Barbell Press 4 sets (10, 10, 8, 8)
  2. Incline Barbell Press 3 sets (10, 10, 8)
  3. Flat Dumbbell press
  4. Incline Dumbbell press
  5. Decline dumbbell press
  6. Dumbbell Flies 4 sets (12, 12, 10, 10)
  7. Dumbbell pullover
  8. Cable Crossover 3 sets (12, 12, 10)


  • Center Crunch 4 sets (20, 20, 20, 20)



  1. Lat Pull Down 4 sets (10, 10, 8, 8)
  2. Seated Cable Row 4 sets (10, 10, 8, 8)
  3. Deadlift 4 sets (12, 12, 10, 10)
  4. Straight Arm Pull Down 3 sets (12, 12, 10)


  • Lying Leg Raise 4 sets (20, 20, 20, 20)


  • Treadmill 20-30 minutes




  1. Overhead Barbell Press 4 sets (10, 10, 8, 8)
  2. Side Lateral Raise 3 sets (10, 10, 10)
  3. Front Barbell Raise 3 sets (10, 10, 10)
  4. Bent Over Lateral Raise 3 sets (10, 10, 10)
  5. Barbell Shrug 4 sets (12, 10, 10, 8)


  • Center Crunch 4 sets (20, 20, 20, 20)



  1. Squat 4 sets (12, 12, 10, 10)
  2. Barbell deadlift
  3. Leg Press 3 sets (10, 10, 10)
  4. Leg Curl 4 sets (12, 12, 10)
  5. Leg Extension 4 sets (12, 12, 10)
  6. Cable abduction
  7. Standing Calf Raise 4 sets (30, 30, 30, 30)


  • Side Crunch 4 sets (20, 20, 20, 20)




  • Skull Crusher 4 sets (12, 10, 8, 8)
  • Reverse Grip Press Down 3 sets (10, 10, 8)


  • Concentration Curl 4 sets (12, 10, 8, 8)
  • Hammer Curl 3 sets (10, 10, 8)


  • Lying Leg Raise 4 sets (20, 20, 20, 20)


  • Treadmill 20-30min



  • Adjust the exercise schedule with your time.
  • Keep at least 3 times a week weight training a week.
  • correct sequence is the first new weight training cardio, not vice versa.
  • Note that the break between sets is 1.5 – 2 mins.
  • Treadmill here to maintain your fitness level and cardiovascular exercise your body, not to burn fat because you’re in Muscle Building program.


Supplements to maximize Muscle Building program:

As mentioned previously, an important supplement to be met in the formation of muscle is protein and creatine. Protein supplements are a favorite muscle building supplement for those lovers of fitness. Protein itself is ‘food’ for the main muscles. Generally, every body needs one to two gram of protein per kilogram of body weight of the person. Therefore, the consumption of protein supplements are very necessary when proteins from the food insufficient. Whey Protein, high-quality protein to form, recover, and prevent muscle wasting.

Another best muscle-forming supplements are creatine. Such as Creatine Monohydrate. This supplement is appropriate for you who like to do weight training to build muscle. Creatine is known for its ability to increase the size of muscle cells and creating an explosive force when training. Naturally, this supplement seems mandatory for you to gain a muscle.

Examples of main supplements :

  1. Creatine monohydrate
  2. Whey protein
  3. BCAA
  4. Multivitamin and Multimeneral
  5. Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer
  6. ZMA
  • Note: Not all supplements should be used in the example above diet. Select the best combination for you.


Weight gain can be affected by two things, namely the increase in the amount of fat or increase in the amount of muscle. To get the ideal body weight, you need to increase muscle mass and fat in a balanced manner, both for those who want to gain weight in order not to look thin or want to increase muscle mass (muscle thicken).

To gain weight and muscle mass effectively, then there are four important aspects to consider, among others:

  • Discipline in arranging anything you consume is an important key to the success of weight gain and muscle mass.
  • Pattern Exercise. Weight training is important to increase muscle mass. Therefore, regular exercise also determine whether you can gain weight and muscle mass effectively.
  • rest pattern. Adequate rest, in terms of quality and quantity, is needed for the development of lean muscle mass and optimal weight.

Supplements patterns. You must be keen in choosing the type of supplement that will help your Muscle Building program.