Rejuvenation Oxygen Facial

Rejuvenate your look with a Cool Jet Oxygen Spray Treatment, topped with vitamin enriched serum delivered using ultrasound wave and lontophorensis technology.


Surrender yourself to the healing cultures of Bali where traditional treatments and therapies have been used for centuries, handed down from generation to generation.

Here the restorative properties of the treatments are available to you to improve your natural energy and spark your spirit. You will experience a deep sense of serenity wash over you as you plunge into your spa pampering journey.


What makes karma spa treatments distinct is that they are performed slowly and deeply to ease one into a state of deep healing. The fitness menu includes slow-movement modalities like yoga therapy and pilates core-strength. Karma’s spa team of bodyworkers train year-round under the guidance of certified massage experts, health practitioners, yoga masters and healers and deliver deeply therapeutic experiences. They are trained in Anatomy & Physiology and have received Level 1 Reiki and are certified by Glo Day Spa to deliver topnotch manicure and pedicures.


They provide retreats including :

  1. Detoxification & Juice fasting
  2. Weight Loss using body & mind techniques
  3. De-stress
  4. Assist chronic disease
  5. Inner /Outer Beauty
  6. 1 – 7 day home Juice Plus delivery ( Detox to Go)
  7. One day mini cleanse with ionic detox foot bath, & Juice with detox powders
  8. Consultations with their Practitioners and associated Integrated Mediciine Practitioner are available by appointment


At Bali Detox Center you will join trend of inhaling oxygen which is an absolute hit in many western countries.

Followers of healthy life style inhaling oxygen at daily basis and among theme there are many famous people.

The most popular places in the world are bars were they will serve you oxygen for improving concentration and energy instead of alcohol and cigarettes.

Only for you, in the heart of Belgrade, Bali Detox Center provide you things which are already available to citizens of Paris, New York, Milan, London, etc. Thanks to oxygen concentrator it takes only 20 minutes to recover your mental and physical strength. Additional inhaling of oxygen improves decomposition of harmful substances originate upon bad metabolism and improves energetic capabilities of organism.

Just one treatment of oxygen inhaling is very important and it can contribute to acute body detoxication. However, to make this effect meaningful and long-term, regular oxygen inhaling is recommended for period of ten days or whenever you feel lack of energy and immunity.


This may quite possibly be my new favourite day spa. The beautiful Spring on JlPetitengetSeminyak. I had heard amazing things about it and not wanting to be underwhelmed I went in with little expectations and I was totally impressed, that much so I had to book some more treatments for later the same day ( just to be sure I had totally sampled the goods for you lot ) . I love everything about this place. The staff were very professional and the spa its self just stunning and serene. I really like the add ons for the manicures and pedicures of shoulder/scalp/neck massage. Iced cold water, hand towels, rubic cubes ( if they don’t drive you crackers that is) and ambient music as well. The products they use are very high quality so I really dont mind paying a little more and the techniques are of equally high standards. I had the most incredible massage. I also tried the oxygen facial which made my skin beautiful and clear and felt amazing. A mid priced spa which I can highly recommend.