IMG_1968Bali….. It makes you think of a sacred paradise that is immersed in sun, fun, beauty and culture….

Welcome to Bali Fitness Escape: A guide created and designed to accommodate all those beautiful people interested in health, fitness exploring and Yoga, all held in the tropical lands of Bali.

We are blessed to announce we work along side some of the most successful business people in Bali. Who have formed a strong Balinese community these partners are owners of some of Bali’s finest Villa’s and Hotels, Restaurants Spas and the list goes on. Therefore we are able to source true local advice and provide our clients with the best Bali has to offer.

Bali is certainly full to the brim with world class Yoga sanctuary’s, amazing fitness centers and some of the most captivating heath retreats. That’s why we are here to share all those hidden adventures with you.

Bali Fitness Escape is all about Fitness, Surf, Yoga, Health and fun this will help you discover the Beauty of Bali in the new exciting way!

Bali is forever growing and becoming the most popular destination to hold personal retreats such as fitness escapes, yoga retreats, detoxing holidays and wellness retreats.

Bali Fitness Escape will help motivate people trying to achieve a fitness or yoga goal. We will keep you posted and up to date with all the

  • Best Gyms
  • Yoga studios
  • Best surf breaks
  • Outdoor fitness activities
  • Health spa’s
  • Healthy food cafes
  • Nutritional Center’s
  • Supplement Stores and more ….

Bali fitness escape is proudly Australian and Balinese Owned, Therefore giving our clients the best of worlds, trust and the best knowledge of Bali. We have spent a lot of time-sharing information about Bali with friends and family, and decided to expand this and share our knowledge with all.

We’ve developed powerful relationships with the local providers, to offer you everything you’d expect and more. Ensuring it is the ultimate resource dedicated to Bali’s health and fitness.