Located in the heart of tranquil Sanur, walking distance to the beautiful beach, famous cafes and shops is our most recent stay at Artotel. Greeted by the warm friendly faces the service was first hand. Soon as you set foot in this creative accommodation you get captivated by the beautiful artwork that for fills the entire building. The boutique hotel is a canvas showcasing thought-provoking artworks by some of the most relevant Bali-based contemporary artists of today. for those who love the artists streak and accommodation that serves a difference.

The sleek modern rooms where spacious and comfortable,. The bathroom equipped with all modern facilities was comfortable and classy.

Being full booked with meetings all week this was the perfect place to call home while I sorted my endeavors. There was enough space in the rooms where I could set up my computer and work freely in a quiet space.

The wife was happy with visits to the day spa, and floating in the beautifully set infinity pool. The buffet breakfast was a part to rave about with the food always constantly fresh, and all my favorites in Asian cuisine.

  • The spacious elegant rooms

  • Huge shower an lots of bathroom space

  • Being central the location of the hotel

  • Fast reliable wifi

  • Quality customer service